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The Organic Standard Journal is an electronic journal, which publishes articles, reviews, and letters in all areas of organic standards. Topics covered include, organic certification, organic accreditation, organic production, processing and marketing, consumers’ point of view as well as all relevant information on organic international networks, workshops and conferences.


Your are cordially invited to send submissions to The Organic Standard, including articles, photographs, short news, case studies, etc. If you would like to contribute, please write to and you will receive a copy of our Term of Reference for writing at TOS.


The Organic Standard, will keep you up to date on inernational organic standard and regulations, organic markets and on information of interest to the organic community. For an indivudual or group subscription please write to

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Support to small sustainable/organic projects

Free promotion to small organic cooperatives and producers

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Jesús Concepción
General Manager

Jesús Concepción
General Manager

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Writer/ editor

Nuria Alonso
Writer/ editor

Rosie Whatson

Rosie Whatson

Doris Silva

Doris Silva

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Preserving nature, protecting the environment

The Organic Standar

Organic/sustainable productions, local market development, fair trade and responsible consumption

The Organic Standard

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Welcome to The Organic Standard bi-monthly newsletter!
Read the latest organic standards, regulations and policy issues, upcoming organic projects, confenrences and workshops, and updates on organic growing community.

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About us

The Organic Standard is an international monthly journal that enables individuals and organisations to keep up-to-date on development concerning worldwide standards and certification issues in the organic sector.
The journal has a growing number of subscribers representing certification bodies, standard setters, sector bodies, governments, consultancies and industry. It has become widely recognised as the credible source of international news and analysis for organic standards setting, certification, regulation and accreditation.
The journal has different sections such as Certification & accreditation, Standards & regulation, Updates and opinion, Country focus reports among others.
For more information or subscriptions please write to:

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In the next The Organic Standard issue we will talk about the launch of the Organic Equivalence Tracker: showcasing the development of equivalence arrangements for organic products between government trade partners. For the first time ever, a complete global list of equivalence arrangements, enabling trade of organic products between countries, has been compiled and is […]

The first issue

The first issue of Organic Standard (TOS) was published in April 2001, and since then an issue has been published once a month. This month we published the issue 181. The Organic Standard is an international monthly journal that enables individuals and organisations to keep up-to-date on development concerning worldwide standards and certification issues in […]

Ads in TOS

Interested in advertising? General Advertising Information The following types of advertisements are accepted in The Organic Standard: Job offers, Calls for consultancy tenders; Services; Conference announcements; Publications, etc. Within these categories, every advertisement must be clearly related to the scope of the journal. The Organic Standard reserves the right to publish or to limit the […]

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