27th March 2023 12:38 pm

27th March 2023 12:38 pm

Peruvian National Organic Seal

On 5 January 2023, a new National Organic Seal of Peru was published (Resolution Directorial N. º 0001-2023-MIDAGRI-SENASA-DIAIA) as a distinctive element for national and international markets.

With 594,000 ha in organic production, 107,000 ha in transition and more than 100, 000 producers, predominantly groups of small farmers, Peru is one of the largest organic producers of Latin America. According to SENASA, the national competent authority, the use of the national seal will especially benefit these small farmer groups, who mainly produce organic coffee, cocoa, banana and quinoa.

Out of the other main organic crops produced in Peru, increasing areas are growing blueberries, avocados, grapes, chestnuts or Brazil nuts, mango, oregano and ginger.

With this national logo, the government expects to reduce confusion about different organic seals in the national market and promote organic Peruvian products abroad (94% of the organic production in Peru is exported).

The use of the seal has no charge, and it is not compulsory. It is complementary to the information about certification agencies shown on the packaging of organic Peruvian products.

Administration of the seal’s use is managed by the certification entities. The Peruvian law for organic production recognises two types of certification entities: certification bodies and participatory guarantee systems (PGS).

For PGS, the seal will be a black and white version, and for third-party certification the seal uses three colours: orange, green and blue. The seal shows the drawing of a mountain representing Machu Pichu among other symbols characteristic of Peruvian culture.


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