25th febrero 2024 8:14 am

25th febrero 2024 8:14 am

EU Implementing Regulation 2021/1165 now comes into effect

This regulation introduces changes in many of the Annexes of the Regulation (EU) 2018/848 such as Annex I (substances for pest control), Annex II (substances for fertilisation), Annex III (feed), Annex IV (products for cleaning and disinfection), and Annex V on processing aids and Additives.

The Regulation was published in 2021, but it is now, in January 2024 when it came into force. Regarding Annex V- Part B: “Authorised non-organic agricultural ingredients to be used for the production of processed organic food”, the list has been reduced quite a lot. From now on, only the following non-organic agricultural ingredients are permitted: Alga Arame (Eisenia Bicyclis); Alga Hijiki (Hizikia fusiforme); Bark of the Pau d’arco tree Handroanthus impetiginosus (‘lapacho’) – only for use in Kombucha and tea mixtures; Wild fishes and wild aquatic animals, unprocessed as well as products derived therefrom by processes – only from fisheries that have been certified as sustainable under a scheme recognised by the competent authority and only when not available in organic aquaculture; Gelatin – from other sources than porcine; Casings – of animal or vegetal origin, and Milk mineral powder/liquid – only when used for its sensory function to replace wholly or partly sodium chloride.

The following ingredients are no longer permitted for use in non-organic form:

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