25th febrero 2024 8:27 am

25th febrero 2024 8:27 am

What´s in TOS 191

Dear readers, the entire TOS team is very excited about this last issue of 2023. This issue begins with an interesting article on the role of control bodies and competent authorities in protecting the organic integrity of products according to EU regulations. We publish the second of our fraud case studies, which shows the complexity of the international organic trade and the low efficiency of the bureaucracy created around the international transactions. The article leaves some questions for readers to provoke their reflections on these questions; and as the author indicates, we encourage readers to participate with their opinions and cases that may be useful to the sector to ensure the integrity of organic production.

This issue also continues its trip to the United States to learn about the actions on ecolabels, in this case a USDA scheme. It seems that ecolabels, as in Europe, are growing like mushrooms and, as expressed in the article, they may actually create more confusion than benefit to consumers.

TOS, for the first-time, travels to Japan to update us on some changes in JAS

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