18th mayo 2024 6:35 pm

18th mayo 2024 6:35 pm

Protecting organic integrity following EU legislation: The point on the horizon

Joint interest

A large majority of companies have a substantial self-interest in maintaining organic integrity. Companies voluntarily convert to organic production, processing or trading. If it turns out that their products are not really organic, they endanger their business relationships, their reputation, and ultimately risk losing their customers.

And it is the primary mission and responsibility of the control institutions to protect the organic integrity of the products that are produced by the companies they control and certify. Which means that there is a joint interest between companies and control bodies.

But if you as a company share information on potential risky companies or batches, you run the risk of being scrutinized yourself. Ironically this risk is highest for those companies taking full responsibility in Quality Assurance, checking carefully their supply chains and raw materials. They will identify problems or possible non compliances, and in the current explanation of the regulation: if they would like to discuss, check cases with their CB, they are facing, automatically, an official investigation and being then the first victim of a punishment by authorities.

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