25th febrero 2024 7:21 am

25th febrero 2024 7:21 am

The BioVidaSana cosmetic certification; an organic/sustainable network

The BioVidaSana standard emerged with the objective of allowing small and medium-sized companies to enter the market for certified cosmetic products. The birth of the project coincided with the great economic crisis of 2011 where many people in Spain lost their jobs, most of them women. Some of these women began to make cosmetic products by hand and their intention was to use as many organic ingredients as possible.

The problem arose when they decided to certify their products as organic since there was no public certification for cosmetics and they could not afford private certification. This was an incentive for the BioVidaSana project to get these businesswomen to reach the market with their certified organic products.

The experts from the Vida Sana (Healthy Life) Association, a non-profit organisation, and the company Biocertification wrote the BioVidaSana standard and the quality and procedural manuals that companies must comply with to achieve certification of their products. The certification initially carried out by the IMO Group is currently carried out through bio.inspecta.

Pillars of the BioVidaSana project

The BioVidaSana certification project has 4 pillars that support it: The Vida Sana Association, which is in charge of promotion and technical advice

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